Capacitar Wellbeing Practices

I am trained in Capacitar Wellbeing Practices and run weekly classes, currently on Zoom and face to face on the Isle of Skye, when this is possible.

Capacitar comes from a Spanish word meaning ‘’empowerment’’ and ‘’encouragement’’ and Capacitar practices have been collected by Dr Patricia Cane from around the world and published in her book, ‘Trauma Healing and Transformation: Awakening A New Heart with Body Mind Spirit Practices’.  

The practices are ways which humans have used for very many years both to heal themselves as individuals and in communities too. 

I trained with Pat in Edinburgh in 2017/18 and I use the practices regularly to maintain my own wellbeing.  The practices include: 

  • gentle exercises based on Tai Chi
  • tapping based on Chinese Acupressure and from Emotional Freedom Technique
  • meditation and guided visualisation
  • hand holds to prevent feeling overwhelmed with difficult emotions
  • hand massage
  • head holds based on Reiki
  • chakra work for blocked energy

The practices are based on the mind, body, spirit tradition and taking a holistic approach to healing the whole person. They are helpful for anxiety, depression, low mood and trauma. 

If you would like to know more or are interested in attending a class, please contact me.  

Capacitar, Scotland website: Scotland – CAPACITAR UK




"Sheila's Capacitar class for me is often an oasis in the storm of a busy week. Time to pause... to be... to nourish myself. I love the variety of activities drawn from many traditions and therapies... from the Tai Chi type movements to the Reiki head holds... the EFT and finger holds... the meditations and movement. Sheila has a wealth of knowledge and experience and teaches tools and techniques that can be used outside of the class.  I've definitely learnt techniques that are now in my self care toolkit and that I share with others too.  I always feel warmly welcomed by Sheila and that although there is always a plan Sheila is open to whatever the group needs most in the moment... for me the best type of facilitation! Whether you're an expert of looking after your own wellbeing or just starting out on that journey, Sheila's Capacitar class will be beneficial. Why not give it a go?"  
  - Jo                       

 “Capacitar: connecting with self and other.” 

– Jill

“Community and Connectedness – bedrocks of health and happiness. Also, fun and giving time and care to oneself, and listening to others.” 

– Debbie

“Good for mental health especially in these uncertain times.” 

–  Catherine

Picture By Marrion Grant

“Inside the heart of community” 

– Emma

“Calm and imaginative focus.”

– Rosy

“Capacitar opens up pathways to a more relaxed and balanced ethos “

– Eileen


– Anon