Facilitating and Workshops

Creativity and Art Workshops

Having attended the ‘’Creative Journeying’’ course myself at the Bield at Blackruthven, I was invited to join the team and co-facilitated on the following courses: 

  • Creative Journeying: a 12-week course, run over 4 x 3-day weekends, from September 2016 to February 2017. An experiential course in using art therapeutically; developing skills required to work with others by expressing yourself through creating images and working with others to verbalise this experience; learning to accompany others as they explore their own creative expression. 
  • Seeds of Change: a 3-day course in January 2019.  Experiential learning: helping you and others live a deeper, more creative and purposeful life: exploring spirituality and the expressive arts. 


Bespoke Workshops

If you are interested in bespoke workshops for individuals or small groups, using art and creativity, either to work with clients in a counselling or care setting, or to find greater meaning and understanding of yourself, then please get in touch to discuss

Picture By Marrion Grant

Death Café

I have co-facilitated a death café, exploring our mortality and how to live better now. We always enjoy a cup of tea and a slice of cake during our workshops. This workshop was held in February 2020 in An Crùbh on the Isle of Skye. 

You can learn more about what a death café is here

Watch this space for future dates. If you are interested in attending a death café, then please contact me.  

Working With Boundaries Workshop

On Monday the 15th of November (2021) – I will be hosting a Working with Boundaries: the Challenges of Working Within and Managing Dual and Multiple Relationships workshop with Greenwood Events

About this workshop:

As counsellors and supervisors, we are all likely to experience complex relationships at some time in our therapeutic work with clients and supervisees.

This workshop offers an opportunity to explore and discuss: ethical legal and practical considerations around boundaries.

If you would like to attend this workshop, you can purchase tickets by following this link

Wellbeing Workshop

On May the 1st, 2021 – I hosted a Wellbeing Practises: Working with Clients and for Self-Care workshop with Greenwood Events.

My workshop focused on practical ways of maintaining wellbeing for clients and professionals. My attendees learnt practices for unblocking traumatic stress, renewing energy, and bringing balance, healing, and harmony back to the whole person. 

Picture By Marrion Grant

Capacitar Wellbeing Practises

I am trained in Capacitar Wellbeing Practices and run weekly classes, currently on Zoom and face to face on the Isle of Skye, when this is possible. I have more information on my Capacitar Wellbeing Practises page