My Practice

We all go through periods in our lives when things are more difficult for us and sometimes, we can get a bit stuck in our ways of being and thinking. 

Counselling is often described as ‘talking therapy’ and it may be helpful to talk to someone outside your circle of family and friends, in a confidential and safe space about whatever is troubling you and to find ways forward out of that ‘stuckness’. 

My way of working is integrative using Personal Construct Psychology (PCP) as a meta philosophy and integrating Humanistic, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Psychodynamic and Gestalt perspectives. The heart of my practice is centred around the therapeutic relationship with my clients, based on acceptance, respect and empathy. I will listen to you attentively, without judging you to gain an understanding of your world from your point of view. 

We will look at what has brought you to counselling and identify your core constructs, values and beliefs; your emotions, thinking and behaviour; and your childhood experiences, so as to discover the meaning you make of yourself, others and relationships. 

I am particularly interested in emotions and feelings which can be difficult for us including anger, rage, jealousy, envy, fear, shame and guilt and I believe that by increasing our self-awareness we can find acceptance, compassion and love for ourselves and others. 

As Viktor Frankl says in ‘’Man’s Search for Meaning’’ –

‘’Emotion, which is suffering, ceases to be suffering as soon as we form a clear and precise picture of it’’. 

Although it is so painful when we experience sorrow, distress, despair and despondency, I wonder if it is only through suffering that we can truly know joy, happiness, beauty, spirituality, purpose and fulfilment in our lives? 

Sheila Mae Hamilton Isle of Skye
Picture By Marrion Grant

‘’I discovered a purpose in my suffering, a sense of meaning that helped me not only to come to peace with the past but also to emerge from my trials with something precious: a path to freedom’’. 

From ‘The Choice’ by Edith Eger

I will work collaboratively with you to build on your strengths, resources and coping strategies, develop new skills, look for alternative perspectives and clarify decisions and changes which you would like to incorporate into your life, to improve your wellbeing. 

In addition to talking, I offer creative interventions including art and sand tray work in sessions.  I believe that each of us is naturally creative and if we can be sufficiently trusting to allow ourselves to be open to our creativity, then we may find new insights and deeper meaning. 

It is challenging for each of us to embark on change and I would consider it a privilege it you would allow me to accompany you on your journey. 


“Through regular sessions, Sheila helped me to find within myself a safe, calm space, a place to go when grief and loss seemed overwhelming. Her empathy and acceptance of all I brought to our sessions quietened my inner critic, allowing me to move forward in healing. I grew some new perspectives on situations I felt stuck in, through Sheila’s attentive listening and her ability to reflect back to me how I was describing and experiencing my life.”

ER 14 March 2021 


I encourage attention to self-care both for myself and my clients and I try to practice these on a daily basis: being outdoors whatever the weather, reading for pleasure spending time with loved ones, if possible in person, but more often at the moment on zoom.