Coaching and collaborative support are offered to those wanting to make changes in both their personal and professional lives.  I am trained in coaching and bring my qualifications and experience as a counsellor/psychotherapist to my coaching practice, drawing particularly on my knowledge of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and a Solution Focussed approach, both of which are goal oriented ways of working. 

From my therapeutic background I bring skills of attentive listening, non-judgement and acceptance. The values I bring to my coaching work include integrity, honesty, transparency, congruence, equality and justice. 

Areas of expertise
  • Supporting clients to identify their options, improve their decision making and achieve their goals
  • Working with individuals and groups to increase and sustain, client self-awareness, self-esteem, confidence and overall wellbeing
  • Coaching clients to resolve relationship difficulties in their personal and professional lives
  • Helping clients through significant changes in their personal and professional circumstances
Approach to Coaching

My approach to coaching is to work in partnership with clients, in a holistic way to help them to tap into their personal and professional potential. I believe the client is an expert in their life and work and that each client has the capacity to be creative, resourceful and whole.

I understand my responsibility as a coach is to:

  • Identify, clarify and work with what the client wants to achieve
  • Encourage client self-awareness and self-development
  • Work collaboratively with the client to discover solutions and strategies which best suit them
  • Hold the client responsible and accountable

My understanding of the role of the client is to:

  • Take responsibility for creating their own decisions and results 
  • Prepare for each session by reflecting on progress and identify what they want from the session
  • Be willing to talk about their successes and challenges
  • Report honestly on progress made on action points, including any learning and observations

I am an Executive Coach for gemm. They have been helping senior leaders and coaches reach their true potential for over 17 years. You can read more about how I coach and my experience on my profile.

Coaching Testimonial


“Coaching exceeded my expectations. The process itself was interesting and productive: identifying and setting public and personal goals and going on to develop action points. I found it extremely powerful writing these down on a template.

There was a sense of accountability in having them written down, knowing I would be revisiting them with my coach to assess progress. Sheila has a lovely gentle and encouraging manner. We were able to explore the barriers preventing me from achieving my goals.  My coach was able to gently challenge me which I found helpful, allowing me to recognise, at a deeper level, what is going on. She shared relevant personal experience, which brought our sessions alive and illustrated potential ways forward in simple and easy to remember ways. 

I have found coaching enormously helpful in identifying and starting to work towards my goals rather than them remaining abstract ideas in my head.

Thank you so much Sheila, you are a brilliant coach and have so much to offer people wanting to make positive changes in their lives.” 

Jill, University Counsellor

Coaching within Counselling

Coaching is available to counselling clients who feel that they have worked sufficiently on the difficulties that brought them to counselling and feel ready to look ahead and identify their goals for the future.  We can work together to identify these goals and find ways of achieving them.

If you are interested in this aspect of counselling and would like to discuss how this might work for you, please get in touch.

Coaching Fees

My current fee is £60 for 1 hour. If you cancel a session without giving at least 24 hours’ notice, you will usually have to pay the full fee. 


‘’When I had my coaching sessions with Sheila, I was going through a tricky period in my professional life. My career is a very important part of my life and I felt lost and lacking confidence after leaving a job that I loved. Sheila carefully listened to what I had to say and guided me through the process of figuring out what I wanted my next steps to be. I had at the time taken on what others expected of me as opposed to backing myself and believing in myself. 

I wrote notes during the sessions and look back at them regularly and can see clearly how far I have come. I am now happily self-employed; I have my confidence back and I believe in myself. Without my coaching session with Sheila, I would not have been able to take the leap of faith that I needed to take. I would recommend Sheila’s coaching services to anyone and everyone as I think it is important to take a step back sometimes, take a look at where you are now and where you want to be.

– Digital Consultant.