My Way of Working

There are different ways of working in counselling and psychotherapy. The heart of my practice is centred around the therapeutic relationship with my clients and supervisees, based on acceptance, respect and empathy. 

My way of working is integrative using Personal Construct Psychology (PCP) as a meta philosophy and integrating Humanistic, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Psychodynamic and Gestalt perspectives.

I am interested in your meaning making and we will work collaboratively to understand: your core constructs, values and beliefs; the meaning you make of yourself, others and relationship; your emotions, thinking and behaviour; and your early experiences, in order for us to understand your world from your point of view.



Transcending down into
the ground of things is akin
to sweeping the leaves that
cover a path.  There will always
be more leaves.  And the heart
of the journey, the heart of our
own awakening, is to discover for
ourselves that the leaves are not
the ground, and that sweeping
them aside will reveal a path,
and finally, that to fully live,
we must take the path and
keep sweeping it.

We will explore the problems of daily living which have brought you to counselling and together we will seek alternative perspectives and identify changes which you would like to incorporate into your life. 

In addition to talking, you have the option of using creative interventions in sessions, including art materials and sand tray, to seek deeper meaning. I believe that we are all able to ‘make marks’ and that if we can allow ourselves to be open to our creativity, then new insights, understanding and transformation may be possible. 


“I worked with Sheila for a few months while going through a difficult time in my life. Her support was invaluable and it helped me recover from what I thought was a point of no return. I would highly recommend counselling to anyone who feels lost and hopeless, and Sheila as a wonderful, kind and empathetic professional who will guide you compassionately through your journey.”
Martyna G. Edinburgh