Sheila Mae Hamilton: Blog Number #2

Sun, Rain and Wildflowers.

Well after a lovely spell of beautiful sunny weather, the rain has come – that very fine misty rain which is really wetting and from which the Isle of Skye gets its name of Eilean a’ Cheo or the Misty Isle.  Full waterproofs are required before venturing out!

And it is worth getting out as the crofts and verges are verdant –  that gorgeous rich lush green – and they are covered in wildflowers of all colours – yellows, whites, creams, pinks, blues, reds and purples.  There are buttercups, yellow iris and wild yellow poppies, daisies and clovers – both pink and cream – pink campions and purple vetch, and foxgloves and fuchsia are just coming into bloom. The flowers on the hawthorns have mostly been blown away in the wind, but the cream coloured blossom on the elder and rowan trees is glorious.

The Gift of Life.

My poor old collie dog has suffered a few strokes and I was preparing myself to lose her, but she’s made a remarkable recovery and is eagerly accompanying me on walks again. I am reminded that our lives are temporary, we never know when our time will come and how important it is to live the lives we want to live, right now, not putting things off. 

Smelling the wildflowers.

I read out this poem, ‘The Breath’ by Danna Faulds to our Capacitar Wellbeing Class this week and which I share with you here:  

‘The Breath’ By Danna Faulds

The senses are such extroverts, 

always seeking, always vigilant.

Invite them to rest in your center

and focus inside for a while.

Gather your wandering thoughts

the way a shepherd might search for

lost sheep and being them home.

Breathe in peace and breathe

out peace, the flow of breath

connecting to your essence.

Whether you feel distracted or

serene, the peace that passes

understanding is right here,

in the midst of your experience.

Rest, for a time, your only task

to witness what it is to be alive –

this breath, this streaming energy,

this precious, present moment

opening wide.

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